A patent for the initial tract known as ‘Allenberry’ was granted to one James Crockett in 1786. Members of the Crockett family acquired an adjacent tract ‘Fairfield’ in 1798. Under the Crockett ownership two of the existing limestone buildings were built. A very small two story dwelling on the banks of the Yellow Breeches is now known as the Still House. The large bank barn on the hillside overlooking the creek later became known as Fairfield Hall.

These two tracts, ‘Allenberry’ and ‘Fairfield’ were developed into prosperous working farms. George Beltzhoover owned both properties from 1798 until 1846. Between 1812 and 1820 he added two more limestone buildings. A large farmhouse later known as the Mansion House was built on the hillside overlooking the existing small house and a second stone barn was built a little further up the hill. This building later became known as the Stone Lodge and the Carriage Room.

The two tracts were farmed continuously until 1928 when the Sadler brothers Lewis and Horace acquired the properties though marriage to Mary Elizabeth and Helen Bosler respectively.

Dr. Horace Sadler sold off much of the farmland as he developed his forty-acre country estate known as ‘Allenberry’. In 1929 he remodeled the original bank barn for summer entertaining. Acknowledging the previous owners, the Crockett, the Beltzhoover, the Lehman and the Bosler rooms all were part of the Fairfield Hall. It was during this time that the farmlands of Allenberry became better known for hospitality and entertainment.

In 1944 Dr.Sadler sold the estate to Charles A.B. Heinze who, on acquiring the property, wrote, “When I saw this gem it was too good to keep from the public”. For the next seventy-two years Allenberry on-the-Yellow Breeches, a Resort Inn and Playhouse, was the home and the inspiration on the Heinze family. Allenberry was a center of relaxation, hospitality and entertainment. It became a place of lasting memories and lifetime friendships. During this time further additions to Fairfield Hall included the Sadler and Addison rooms and the Beltzhoover Terrace. The Playhouse opened in 1949.

Now, a new era begins. Shepherded forward by new ownership Allenberry will continue to offer the best of hospitality and entertainment. The historical limestone buildings are all being restored and renovated. The judicious clearing of trees and vegetation has enhanced the beauty and serenity of the Yellow Breeches flowing through the property. This encourages the eye to appreciate the stately nineteenth century architecture in a pleasing bucolic setting. Here new experiences will lead to developing friendships and lasting memories.

Allenberry has been and will continue to be a Cumberland County ‘gem’ to be appreciated and enjoyed.

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